From Girl To Cock

By | January 21, 2009

I revealed the other week that I will be vacating the office I currently share with Busty and Horny. This saddens me on two levels, we have all become good friends and secondly I love checking out Busty during the day especially in those low cut tops. I’m going to miss that…

No make it three levels, I will also miss our dirty talk. The topics raised during our naughty chats have been well documented on this blog for the past couple of years. Both Horny and Busty have revealed a side to me that I had never envisaged. It has been a very enjoyable couple of years and I feel that I am leaving a lot behind.

And here is what I have to look forward to. I will be moving on to the next floor, creating a new department and possibly sharing an office with some right arseholes. And it is right next to the bullying bastard I despise.

The team are currently being reviewed but I think I will be sharing my office with the following reprobates, meet the cast:

Fag Ash Lil – she has the aroma of a sweaty cigarette and is gender unspecific as she carries both male and female traits and can apparently drink most men under the table.

Bulldog – I don’t give him this name because he is tough and stubborn but because he is so Brit centric. He won’t eat anything other than an English menu and likes to holiday in the UK. Not quite a caravaner but he comes a close second.

Mr Veneer – this guy is most probably going to be my boss. He looks like catalogue man with his perfect coiffured hair and purchased smile. His teeth look so white and even you could be forgiven for thinking that he has dentures. This guy is quite anal and I think is going to be an irritant when I work side by side with him.

Gobshite – this guy is a young know it all upstart who thinks he claims to have done almost everything in his mere 24 years of life. And you can be certain if you have done anything in yours he will have done it bigger and better. I have come close to telling him he talks crap before today and that is in conversations we have had in passing. Can you imagine working with him every day!

So as you can see I am working in a male dominated, testosterone driven environment, this could be a good thing or the worst ever. Only time will tell.