There’s A Pornstar In My Office

By | January 23, 2009

Jana CovaI had to go and visit the dentist for a quick checkup this morning before going in to work. The appointment made me about ¾ hour late starting, great it makes the day go quicker and they can’t dock your pay for it.

By the time I got to the office the carpark was almost full, too many cars and not enough spaces. As I squoze the car in between the pimp mobile bully boy drives and the modest Fiat one of the office girl’s drives I noticed an alien car.

It caught my eye because it looked like something a pimp would drive. The car turned out to be a Mercedes, a white one.

There was only Busty sitting at her desk as I made my way to my desk.
“Horny is interviewing”, she informed me.
“Whose car is that outside”, I enquired, being nosey. 🙂
“It belongs to the girl who has come for interview”, she added.
“You’re joking”, I replied with amazement.

Busty went on to add that the girl was working in with quite a large company at present but she had noticed that they were starting to show the signs of recession. She added that the girl seemed nice when she let her in.

I logged on to my computer and did a bit of work, then some chat with Busty, then some work and so on. Then Horny and the girl walked in to the office. She was blonde too, making me the only redhead. And she was a looker.

She had long hair, blue eyes and stood in her heels at about 5’9″. Dressed immaculately in a button through above the knee black dress with opaque black tights and a mid length black wool coat. Very tidy.

Horny showed her around the office and introduced us to her in turn then led her out of the door promising to be in touch.

After she drove out the carpark I started to say “she is the spitting image of…”, at that point I stopped myself. What I was going to say is she is the spitting image of Jana Cova. To which they would have replied “Who is she?” and would have had to tell them she is a pornstar.

In fact she is the one at the top of this post. And I will be so jealous if she gets to sit next to Busty…but on the other hand I could always sit in the middle. I wish…