Phone Sex

By | January 23, 2009

The invention of the telephone ushered in a new era of communication. In the same way in which the telegraph enhanced the letter and allowed at least some people to send messages across vast distances almost instantly, the telephone empowered those who could affords it with the ability to hold real-time interactive conversations with other people in remote locations.

Of course now almost anyone can afford a telephone in countries like the UK and almost everyone has used one. What they use them for has changed. Once the province of the rich and wealthy organisations they are now a feature of all our offices, homes and even back pockets. They are therefore sued for every form of verbal communication, on every subject. Of course the subject I am heading towards here is sex.

I’m not talking about phone sex chat lines either. I’m talking about the conversations between people who know each other, and because of their familiarity with telephones and their feelings for each other think nothing of using the device to talk dirty.

Think about it for a moment. Using a piece of technology to facilitate mutual titillation and arousal. It’s a concept that would be peculiar in a pre-telephonic age. Yet we do it so easily. It’s an example of a transparent technology, so easy to use and with so little overhead in terms of thought and preparation to initiate a call that picking up the receiver and dialling is almost automatic.

The furthest distance over which Suze and I have communicated is about 2,500 miles. I’ll let you imagine what we talked about when we’d been apart for a few weeks 😉

It just goes to prove that whatever new inventions technology throws at us we’ll use it for sex.