By | January 23, 2009

“Darling …”


“I need to tell you something.”

Her words stirred him from the gentle doze that had enveloped him almost as soon as they lay in bed. His heart sped up and his mind raced as he wondered what was about to be revealed.

She was sitting next to him, looking down, a little grave. Had she been unfaithful? Was she pregnant!

“I’ve been having strange thoughts.” She began.

“Go on.”

“I keep imagining that I’m out walking by the canal. It’s summer and I can feel the sun on my head. I’m wearing that light cotton dress that you like. You know the white one? Anyway it’s quiet, only me around and I just walk slowly along for a while.”

“Doesn’t sound very strange.” He said, intrigued.

“I reach that bend in the canal, you know where the woods run down to meet it. And in the shade of the trees is Michelle. I knew her at school, do you remember I met her a few weeks ago totally by chance in town?” He nodded.

“I go up to her and kiss her on the cheek. I can smell her skin, and her hair, still hot from the sun. She’s wearing a perfume but I can’t quite place it. She has a red blouse on and tight jeans which cling to her bottom and thighs. She smiles at me and we stand for a moment, looking at each other. I look into her eyes, she always had the most beautiful of eyes.”

He was listening intently now.

“Well, she reach across and slips her arm around me, pulling me close to her. I can feel that her nipples are hard through our thin clothing, and mine are two. My, well, you know, my pussy feels tingly and hot, almost on fire. Our lips meet and one of my hands slips onto her bottom, the other gently slips behind her neck and pulls her lips firmly on to mine.”

“I feel her mouth open and slip my tongue inside, I can taste her lipstick. Our mouths sort of melt into one another and I kiss her for what seems like hours. Then I realise she’s lifted my dress and one of her hands is inside my pants. I can feel her pushing towards my clit. It makes me a bit scared, but excited. I’m quite excited now.” She paused, slipping her hand down the front of her pyjamas feeling the wetness and leaving a finger there, rubbing her own clitoris gently.

“We both lay down and with a bit of giggling and wriggling I take off my pants, which are now very wet and she peels off her jeans. She’s got a pair of red panties on, the crotch is dark and the smell from it is like my own, subtly different but I can tell she’s really turned on. Anyway, I slip off my dress and we lay next to each other, kissing. We both reach between each other’s legs and begin to rub our clitorises. She’s as hot and bothered as I am because she clamps her thighs together and presses onto my hand.”

“I get more adventurous and slip two fingers inside her. She’s so hot in there, and wet. I slip in and out, which she likes. Then I do what you do to me. I slid down a little further and hook my fingers inside her and rub her G-Spot. In a few seconds she comes drenching my hand and moaning so loud I think the farm in the next valley will hear.”

She looked down at him. “I told you they were odd thoughts. What do you think?”

He threw back the duvet to reveal his hard cock being stroked by his own hand and her own fingers unselfconsciously rubbing her own pussy.

“I think it’s the most natural thing in the world.” He said and with a few more strokes sent a jet of semen across his bare stomach. She threw her head back and pushed her fingers deep into her own pussy. She trembled, shuddered and came with a deep, long moan.