Watching Her On CCTV

By | January 24, 2009

I’m sure I told you that we have a bully at work and has upset most of the members of staff over the years they have allowed him to continue (knowingly) his employ. They won’t let him go because he has convinced them that he is the only person that can do his job. Yeah!

I’ll return to him in a minute, back to today’s events at work.

My new office will soon be ready and I have been told that we can select our own desks, so that will be a bun fight won’t it? I bet I end up with the one in the thoroughfare or next to the air con unit. Lol.

For the first time today Busty actually said that she didn’t want me to leave the office. I was touched and I wished she would let me touch her but that is a whole different story.

Candidates for my position in the office continued to turn up for interview with Horny today. The actually had a guy apply today, he was nice but had just one fundamental problem. When he was speaking to you couldn’t tell because his eyes didn’t focus on you. He seemed to be looking to the side all the time.

Nice guy but he wasn’t suitably experienced for the job. We also had a redhead…HURRAY! But she wasn’t right for the position either, apparently she didn’t display any pleasantries or a spark of enthusiasm for the position.

We were discussing the candidates between us late morning when in walks bully boy. He goes up to Horny and starts asking how the interviewing is going and then he happens to mention the swanky blonde who attended the other day.

Horny starts giving him feedback and adds that the guys simply wouldn’t get any work done if she was offered the job. At this point BB admits that he downloaded the security film from the surveillance system and checked her out.

After he left the office I added that I thought he was a bit of a perv and Horny retorted that she didn’t think he was. Busty agreed that he was a bit of a letch, the girl being about 20 years his junior.

This made me wonder, Horny likes powerful guys…I wonder if she fancies him. Power should never be confused with bullying, that is an undesirable quality in anyone. It made me think.