Sticky Blowjob

By | January 24, 2009

Thursday night was the penultimate night of viewing Celebrity Big Brother, the winner was announced on Friday night. And much to my delight Ulrika won, she made it to the end alongside Terry Christian who I wouldn’t have minded winning either. It’s just that Ulrika has taken quite a lot of stick from the guys in the house and deserved to be rewarded, especially for putting up with the big boy-child that is Coolio.

They do the usual thing and give you a run down of the previous day’s events so that you can catch up. Televised footage has been scant and therefore controlled. But I do have to say that this year’s show has been the best for a long time, lets hope the “civilian” version is just as entertaining.

I still maintain that it would have been good to have seen if Lucy Pinder kitted off had she not been the first to get voted out.

The program was jumping around a little so you got snippets of interaction between the housemates. My ears pricked up when the camera homed in on the normally boring Ben, I will add at this point it was the late night televised programme.

Ben was talking to a group of people including Ulrika and explaining that she was moving up and down on him, at the same time simulating the action around his groin area using his hands. I was immediately fixed to the screen and what he may say next.

The dialogue was fairly vague, I’m not sure if this was down to the telling or if Big Brother had edited out some of the key words. But it soon emerged that he was getting a blowjob from a girl when he noticed that he had gum tangled up in his pubes.

At this point I burst out laughing, after all who gives a BJ without removing the gum from their mouth? Lol I suppose you should ask her if she spits or swallows. Alex and I were quite amazed that the shy and retiring Ben should be coming out with this.

Just as we thought it couldn’t get much better he then went on to add that the girl puked on his cock shortly after. Nice! I have sometimes been known to gag but never actually chucked up. Maybe she was intoxicated, I don’t know but it doesn’t sound like he had the best of times.

I mentioned this to the girls at work today because they haven’t been watching and Horny burst out with “You know when we went away to London for that show, one of the girls got off with a guy and she puked while giving him a blowjob!”. How come I never heard about this.

How come she never mentioned that? Over my last couple of weeks working with them I’m going to have to probe their dirty little minds. 😉