Sun, Sex And More Sun

By | July 19, 2006

Oh boy, have I been hot today! I’m not talking in the sexual sense you dirty minded people. The heatwave over here just seems to bring higher and higher temperatures. It would not be a problem if we were geared up for this kind of heat but we aren’t, lets face it most of the time it rains and is pretty miserable. Yes, I am a realist. That’s what England is known for.

At the moment it is so hot that the grass verges and countryside are drying out and becoming brown with the drought. There is also the smell of hot tarmac as the roads melt beneath the car wheels. That’s just how warm it is at the moment.

I’m a summer person and I feel down when we have dark cold days and long nights during the winter. So, it’s nice to have these bright cheerful, sunny days to wake up to each morning. It makes you feel happy inside but it does have a down side. I’m not sure how our readers in warmer climates cope but the heat is slowly sapping all my energy and I feel tired all the time.

This is having a serious impact on our sex lives. We go to bed and lay next to each other cooling down pre-coitus and the next thing we know, both of or us are out for the count. Just how do you manage to keep up with your sex lives when all you feel like doing is sleeping despite having a huge desire to fuck the pants off each other.

Can anyone give me some tips on how to combat this heat malaise before I go mad. We have tried screwing in front of a fan but it just blows hot air up our asses. 😀 And our staying power is not as it should be, taking an ice cream break mid fuck can be messy. LOL

Help I need more sex!