Out Of This World Breasts

By | January 25, 2009

Michelle RyanMichelle Ryan, known to many in the US as The Bionic Woman (briefly) and to the UK as Zoe Slater from the Soap Opera Eastenders, has been picked to appear alongside David Tennant in the Easter special of Doctor Who this year. I’m looking forward to that. Not specifically because of Michelle’s appearance though she is very decorative, but because it’s one of Tennant’s last outings as the Doctor and that is quite annoying. He’s probably the best Doctor after Tom Baker.

The point of my post is not Doctor Who. It’s about all those people you see on TV, in Pilots or the occasional series who disappear never to be seen again. I often wonder what happens to them. Sometimes they resurface years later in another role, sometimes you find out they moved out of showbiz and into a more conventional career. For the most part they seems to disappear and are never seen again. It’s especially sad when they have obvious talent or are a little different from the norm and yet can’t seem to find a parts.

I suppose media is like that. There are a lot of performers out there like that, searching for the right part, the big break and because of accidents of circumstance or timing never quite make it. Thank goodness I’m not an actor.

At least with blogging I can write what I like and the audience can read or not. If they do great, if not, well they might read me later on today or tomorrow.

So, any one out there spotted a great talent or just a hot piece of totty (male or female) on TV or in the movies only to find they never appear again?