Girls, BlowJobs And Taking Him Too Deep

By | January 24, 2009

“I Went Down On Him And…”

Friday in the office were all freestyling, any subject as long as it was dirty. And inevitably we got on to the subject of fellatio. Or to the uninitiated sucking cock, giving head, or the more popular expression, a blowjob.

It was started, I have to say, by me. I mentioned the conversation that Ben had in the Big Brother house and that started them off.

Horny said that her friend had done the same thing. They were away at the races and copped off with some blokes, only her friend was a little bit more, shall we say, giving. She disappeared during the evening leaving Horny with this new acquaintance of hers.

When she returned some time later she explained that she had been sucking his cock and he got a little over zealous. Caught her at the back of her throat, triggered her gagging reflex which wasn’t suppressed as well as it might due to consumption of alcohol. And yes, she puked on him.

He didn’t return with her funnily enough. Lol

This spurred Busty in to one of her anecdotes. She had fancied this guy at college just like the rest of her pier group and one night he asked her out. She was over the moon. He took her out in his car and afterwards they pulled over in to a quiet lay-by for a bit of a grope.

He obviously enjoyed playing with her double E’s and she rubbed his crotch, feeling him becoming hard through the denim of his jeans. She said that by now her top had come off and he was sucking on her breasts which he had freed from her bra.

She said that she was eager to take him out and disengaged his head so that she could lower her head towards his stiff cock. As she did so she said “I went down on him and as my nose became closer to his groin I could smell him”. Errrrrrrrr.

Horny piped up “Oh no! he had a cheesy dick”.

“Yes, it smelt vile”, she replied. “I had to somehow get out of the situation so I lay my head on his lap”, she said with a giggle.

Busty couldn’t remember how she managed to thwart his advances but she successfully avoided having to fuck him. And not just that she also told all of the other girls who fancied him too as a warning.

So guys remember to keep your dinkle nice and clean and we girls won’t mind giving him a bit of attention. Lol