Porn Double Take

By | January 25, 2009

Renee RichardsAs you’ll be aware if you’re one of our regular readers we started this blog in 2005 as a way to express our sexuality and since then it’s taken over our lives. Not in a bad way either. We have a number of other sites now, each with their own character and purpose. It’s been a great journey.

A direct consequence of our commitment to the sites has been that we spend a hell of a lot of time immersed in the adult industry, reading, viewing and talking to everyone from toy manufacturers to porn stars and adult film directors. It’s become both a normal part of our daily existence and something we have to keep from our families, friends and colleagues.

A symptom of our deep involvement in the adult industry is that my mind has become tuned more to adult thought patterns than what most people would consider normal thought processes.

Two examples spring to mind. Earlier this evening I was serving dinner in the kitchen when I heard the TV in the living room. I heard the presenter say “… and Claudia Rossi has been forced to apologise for …” But it wasn’t the lovely and filthy Claudia Rossi who was being talked about. Not surprising as it was before 21:00. It was that famous and over-paid burlesque-bothering TV host Jonathan Ross. They were commenting he was being forced to apologise for the prank phone call to Andrew Sachs about Sach’s less than angelic granddaughter Georgina Baillie.

Then I though back to Wednesday this week. I was out at the supermarket getting a sandwich when I spotted someone. I got the feeling I knew her, you know the sort of thing “Did I go to school with her?”, “Have I been out with her?”, “Did we work together?”

Well, I pondered this as I queued up to pay and suddenly the penny dropped. She looked like Rene̩ Richards РBritish porn star.

You see, too much adult warps your brain LOL.