Spit Or Swallow?

By | January 25, 2009

We woke this morning with the intention of getting back in to shape following Christmas. Neither of us have engaged in any exercise since just before the break because we both came down with that dreadful flu virus before.

Making the first steps were eased by the lovely sunshine which beckoned us outside. It was like a Spring morning, sun shining, birds singing and rather unusually for January no nip in the air.

When we arrived the carpark was quite full and I almost suggested that we shouldn’t bother because it would be too busy to swim proper laps without some goon getting in the way. I resisted and I’m glad I did.

It was fairly busy in the shallow end with parents and toddlers getting in your way. The pool has a separate toddler pool especially for kids but nobody seemed to want to use it. Don’t ask me why. Instead they kept getting in my way when I reached the shallow end.

I may sound anal but when I do a length that is exactly what I want to do, not stop 3 metres before the end and turn round. To me that isn’t doing full lengths. So I swam through them undeterred by their loitering. Suze was on a mission. Lol

On about my third or forth length two girls entering the water caught my attention. One had a strawberry bob and the other peroxide blonde locks pinned up on top of her head. But it wasn’t their hair colour, the overly tanned flesh or tattoos that caught my eye. It was that the blonde one had actually come in to the pool chewing gum.

WTF would you want to swim whilst chewing gum? But she did and every time I passed her she was masticating like a Charolais cow. 🙂

I managed to do 30 lengths which surprised me because I could probably have done more but I didn’t want to over do on my first visit. Alex probably did a lot more, he kept swimming past me, the show off. Lol

On my penultimate length I caught up with the Charolais and she wasn’t chewing.

So just where did that gum go, did she spit or swallow?