Scrummy Yummy Naked Men

By | January 26, 2009

This years AlexSuze calendar is one we featured on our site produced by Dudley Zooological Gardens. It features tastefully posed nudity provided by the keepers and cute little furries courtesy of the zoo. It is proudly hanging in my kitchen at the moment.

I’m a cat person and usually I opt for pictures of kitties but not the cute, puke inducing ones where they are dressed up in costumes as if produced by the sickly sweet Anne Geddes.

But today I have “converted” to rugby! Did you get the joke? To be honest it is the only rugby terminology I know. Lol I know absolutely nothing about the sport except there are some well fit guys who play it and I wouldn’t mind jumping in the tub with them.

I’ve become even more interested in the sport since seeing an article about an advertisement campaign featuring shots just like the one above. I’m hoping that we see a calendar for 2010 coming out of this.

How about you girls? 😉