Gossip Girl

By | January 26, 2009

BlairI was waiting to ay at the supermarket the other day when I noticed that one of the glossy mags in the rack facing the next aisle was running an ad for the ITV series Gossip Girl, or is it a series that ITV have imported from the states? I don’t know because apart from the provocative picture of a you woman’s pouting face and the URL for the ITV minisite I know little about the show.

Apparently we’re on to series two, series one having passed me by without my even noticing. Series two is apparently full of “intrigue”. After watching the trailer I have gathered that there seem to be a lot beautiful people, being really ugly to each other. Haven’t I heard that somewhere before? Probably a thousand times.

Is it just me? Am I getting a bit jaded? I’ve seen it all before and I’d venture done better in other series. I wouldn’t normally say that without seeing the series, or at least an episode, but my experience tells me that if criteria for looking good is higher on the list of requirements for the actors in a production that the ability to act then the story will suck (if it actually exists) and be made up out of all the bits from other shows that have been successful in previous years.

Maybe I’m misjudging the whole thing. I mean after all I haven’t seen it, but I trust my instincts. Especially when the show has a character called “Blair”.

I’m not saying that every new TV programme is crap, or that every one in the past is a classic. For example. I remember my mother getting very excited about “Who shot JR?” in Dallas, the multiple endings they made, the security surrounding the shipping of the video tapes to England, they even covered it on the BBC news.

When you see the series now it’s pretty awful, embarrassing to watch even. Larry Hagman was better in “I Dream Of Genie” – and the plot lines were more believable too.

Can you get tired of seeing pretty young girls being unfaithful to their partners – Fuck yeah!