Hustle And Buzzle

By | July 16, 2006

The weather over here in the UK is still exceptionally hot. I love heatwave’s apart from the evening (indoors) it’s just too hot for having energetic sex. You just want to fuck slowly in front of a fast rotating fan. Unfortunately none of that has been on the cards for the past few days.

So in an attempt to put some fire back in to our sex lives we decided last night to head off in to the wilds for a bit of outside sex. We got up bright and early this morning and put shorts and t-shirts on and nothing else apart from sandals. After all, less to take off or put back on in a hurry. I hoped the later would not occur but it has to be considered. LOL.

We live on the edge of some of the finest countryside in the country, very fortunate indeed. With some lovely secluded places to enjoy a bit of outdoor sex. Quite literally within a few minutes we can be off the beaten track. I packed a small picnic and plenty of water (we would be needing it). I contemplated sunblock but I don’t think it would taste nice when licked from nipples or cock. 😀

I almost forgot the blanket and threw it in the car at the last minute. If there is one thing you can be doing without, it’s grass stains or bugs up your bum.

The last time we had outdoor sex is very clear in my mind, it was the same day we had the terrible car accident. So not an event I was liable to forget. All was well, if not a little sticky until the spin we had. But I wasn’t going to let that bring me down, today was about getting back on track and for us that means lots of fun and sex.

On the way into the national park there were several cars parked up by the side of the road, rather suspiciously displaying their headlights on one of the brightest days of the year. People do not normally sit around on such a hot day with their headlights on full beam. It was quite obviously a sign to fellow doggers that they were up for some action. Don’t ask me how I know, in fact if you have been reading this blog for some time you will already know that I wrote about dogging protocol some months ago.

So now I am a bit of a dogging expert. Oh, that sounded quite wrong, didn’t it? LOL I mean I’m fully aware of what to look out for. These people are not the most discreet but if you want to attract fellow participants I suppose you can’t be slow or shy. 😉

We drove through the park and parked up off the road under a tree, hoping to keep the car cool for our return. After all we would be hot and bothered enough already. Alex grabbed the picnic and I took the blanket and we pushed our way through the undergrowth. I got scratched quite a few times on the legs by the bramble bushes. It was truly like being in the wilderness and I hoped far from any prying eyes.

After about 5 minutes of battling our way through the jungle we arrived at a small clearing with some soft grass, illuminated by streams of sunlight cutting through the leafy canopy. Ideal for an outdoor fuck. Only the wildlife to bear witness to our naughty exploits.

I lay the blanket out on the ground and knelt in front of Alex who had placed the hamper down on the grass to one side of us. He looks so good in shorts, with his toned legs and tight ass. I took hold of the zipper in my left and hand and reached inside for his cock with my right. He was semi hard, the naughty guy was obviously more than ready for this. With a quick flick of the wrist his cock was taking in the fresh air.

The tip glistened invitingly before my eyes and without thought I leaned forward and took him inside my mouth. I worked up and down his shaft a few times, sliding my tongue languorously around his hard flesh. This had the desired effect and he stood to attention through his open flies. I reached down and undid the waistband and zipper of my shorts and wriggled out of them.

Alex stood before me, hands on hips, cock thrust forward ready for action. How could I say no. I rolled over on to my back, raising my legs high in to the air. He unbuttoned his shorts, letting them fall to the floor. My heart began to beat faster and I became aware that I really, really needed him inside me. I had missed this intimacy over the past few days. Alex dropped to his knees and sidled up to my ass cheeks. He took my legs in his arms either side of his body and I wrapped them around his neck, lifting my pussy up towards his erection. Angling myself down on to his cock.

He pushed inside me and I felt a shiver run down my spine, the hairs pick up on the back of my neck, my pussy quiver in submission. Slowly he ran his shaft in and out of me, coating his erection in my juices. Oiling the piston, which was soon going to pound in to me with unrestrained passion.

Alex withdrew his cock slowly and then pushed right up to hilt, I felt his balls slap my ass cheeks. Then he picked up pace and the tip began to massage my g-spot bringing me closer to my orgasm. All that could be heard was the sound of the birds and insects as Alex slapped rhythmically against me. Then I heard it.

“Buzzzzz”. I opened my eyes and focused in the direction of the sound. It was a honey bee and only inches from my right arm. I’m not one to panic about such things. Not being frightened of bees or wasps and for that matter spiders. I know this may be slightly unusual for a girl but I have never been scared of any of these. Maybe my girl friends were all “girly-girls”? I just ignored the bee and watched as it hovered over my arm.

Alex had noticed too because his thrusting had all but stopped as he tried not to catch it’s attention. Then came another buzz just to the left and Alex had one flying around his head. He had stopped now with his cock still inside my moist swollen pussy. Then came another around my feet. One by one more and more of them began to show up for the show.

All the entomological interest did nothing for our passion and Alex pulled his cock out of me and settled back on the blanket next to me. His cock was still fairly hard, pointing up towards the sky wet and shiny. Even more bees had now turned up and it seemed best that we moved.

I grabbed the blanket being careful not to upset the nasty fuckers and Alex picked up the unopened picnic box. By the time we walked back to the car my legs were covered in lacerations from the fauna and I looked like I had been pulled backwards through a hedge. The moment had passed, so we decided to drive back home and picnic on the back garden, somehow that seemed to be the safest option but not appropriate for outdoor sex.

So until next time…