Breast Is Best

By | January 26, 2009

Nicola McleanI have spoken here before about my close encounter with the surgeon. When I was younger my breasts were a mere 32AA and I was desperate to have them enlarged. I felt that I didn’t quite fill out my dresses and tops and felt quite miserable about the whole thing.

My doctor referred me under the National Health Service to a surgeon who could carry the operation out. I attended my consultation and during that time we discussed possible sizes and I got to hold one of the implants.

The idea of having larger breasts went from being a dream to almost being tangible and as the appointment progressed I became even more certain that I wanted to go ahead. That was until he mentioned that I would probably need to have them exchanged in about 10 years and regularly thereafter.

That was the pivotal moment for me and I decided there was no way I would submit myself to going under the knife time and time again.

On reflection now I’m so glad I didn’t do it for me fake boobs just look…well, fake. You can spot them a mile off because they just don’t sit right or move the way natural ones do. It would have been one of the biggest mistakes in my life.

I remember at the time coming away believing that I had really missed out, not any more.

I was prompted to give you some background on me before I wrote about a story I just finished reading in the paper about Nicola Mclean former page 3 girl. She is claiming that she is never asked to pose topless anymore because people don’t want to see her “massive fake boobies”.

It never occurred to me that the adult business was judgemental when it came to breasts. If anything I have found the contrary to be true, it is becoming more and more difficult to find natural breasted women in both glamour and porn.

You can read her story here.