Porn Star Party With Pictures

By | January 27, 2009

Guess where I got invited to today. A Porn star’s birthday party. Apparently she throws great parties and encourages people to take pictures of her.

The cynic in me of course had to ask the question “OK, so what is she promoting?”. To which I got the answer “Nothing, it’s her birthday and she likes parties”. I really am tempted. But we’ll see.

I mention it purely because just when I think I can’t have a more unusual conversation with people in the adult industry – I immediately do. It can be weird, or unexpected, but always unusual. It also carries the same problem I had when I worked with healthcare professionals for several years. I became very at ease with medical terms, some of them very intimate. I would think nothing of blurting something out or asking someone a question that others would hesitate to ask – if you get my meaning.

With adult of course it’s like the incident when I asked my mother if the “midget” she couldn’t remember the name of who was about to enter the Big Brother house was called Bridgett. It’s all too easy to let stuff slip out.

At other times I have a dilemma. I remember a conversation in the office where one of my colleagues said that a mate of his would rather spend a night at home with a can of beer and a Fleshlight than a real woman. One brave soul asked “What’s a Fleshlight?”. The colleague mentioning the Fleshlight looked around and for some reason his eyes settled on me. “You know, don’t you Alex?” That in itself was a bit disconcerting, and left me with a dilemma; Should I say I knew or not? Well, I said I did and had to explain in as inexpert a way as I could what it was.

I’ll let you know if I go to the party and I assure you there will be pictures. But what do you give a porn star as a pressie? Lube?