Swedish MILF or At What Point Did Ulrika Johnson Suddenly Become Scorchio?

By | January 27, 2009

AlexSuzeFirst of all let me explain something to you all. Ulrika Johnson is someone who I’ve alternately not noticed and been totally indifferent to for several decades. She started off as an apparently ditzy weather girl on ITV’s breakfast show and spent much of the time since then living it down. I’ve never disliked her, or felt the need to deride her as some others have, even when she chose to have four kids by four different fathers. Hell, shit happens in all our lives.

Up until now though I’ve not been that bothered by the multilingual Swede.

Then she appeared on Celebrity Big Brother and I suddenly noticed her. Maybe it was the bit where she dresses up as a Native North American, or maybe when I found out she speaks several languages fluently. Perhaps it was when I watched her teaching ex-boyband member “Ben” how to say “I have a large cock” in Swedish … without him knowing what he was saying.

In truth it was when I found out she had a strong and rounded personality. I could see her being a bit of a challenge to cope with at times, but she’s actually rather interesting, ballsy and nobody’s fool.

And I suspect she bangs like a 21 gun salute.