Private Lapdance

By | January 28, 2009

I love it when a reader engages in a post by giving you an insight in to their life and vision. This site covers topical sexual issues and hopefully inspires readers to try something new or express an opinion, even educate in some instances. And that is a good thing.

Alex and I write foremost because we enjoy sharing with you all but it’s always good to get feedback and in some cases participation if we throw a subject out for you to engage with.

An example of this was my recent post about Agent Provocateur’s promotional video for Valentines Day. One of our British readers commented

Suze, thanks for posting the video – very sexy. Where do you stand on lapdancing in general? This was quite a topical post for me as I have just returned from a stag weekend in Edinburgh and we ended up in a lapdancing club (I know and I am not proud!). I had a beer or two but despite persistent requests by different (very attractive) girls walking around in their underwear, I declined having a private dance’. Is it cheating on your partner or just harmless fun? The other question that entered my head on the train home was would you go with Alex as a couple? There was a couple sitting in the club. Hope you are both well. The blog remains a very good read! Thanks, Sonic x

I thought this comment deserved a proper response.

Alex and I have been talking about visiting Spearmint Rhino but funds at the moment are impeding the chances of us going in the near future. You can’t turn up and drink glasses of water all night. Lol

We have a very open and what I consider healthy attitude towards lapdancing. I suppose that it helps that I am bisexual so I would enjoy the experience just as much as him. 😉

Personally I would like to watch the girls pole dancing because I can appreciate just how difficult it must be to have such control and balance. We did get the chance to see a couple of great poledancers at the Adult Show in Birmingham a couple of years ago.

I don’t see visiting a lapdancing club on your own as cheating on your partner at all. You have paid money to watch a show and that is exactly what it is. These girls are professionals and providing that the club is a reputable one should abide by the personal space rules most have.

Admittedly some places may offer extras but you don’t have to take them up on it. Lol

And Sonic, I’m glad to hear you still enjoy reading. Thanks for visiting and participating. X