Emotional Roller Coaster

By | July 15, 2006

Well what an emotional roller coaster we have both been on these past few days. I attended the doctors on Thursday and he confirmed what we already suspected, that I wasn’t pregnant. He gave me a very thorough check over and talked to me for a while. His conclusion was that my delay was due to stress. I suppose I hadn’t really given much thought to just how stressed I have been of late.

Financial matters stemming from not having a job and family problems it seems have all contributed to my stressful state, which in turn has taken its toll on my menstrual cycle. I suppose it has to come out somewhere.

It hadn’t occurred to me just how life changing even the thought of the possibility of having children was, before. I went from feeling concerned about being able to afford a baby to considering redecorating the spare bedroom. Then back again to feeling disappointed and relieved all at the same time. On balance, it is the wrong time for Alex and I to be having children but we do have time to get things right and a goal to aim for.

The whole experience, as our readers pointed out, has made us aware that we do want to have children one day. May we both thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for your warm wishes and support. It helps to know just how many of you people do genuinely care about us and that makes me feel so loved.

So for now we will settle for looking after our nephew and enjoying the experience of being part-time parents and the joy of giving him back when he is a pain in the…