Express Sex

By | January 29, 2009

We have all been there haven’t we? It’s late and you are driving back from a party or night on the town, you feel randy, he has the same thoughts running through his head. 😉 I have even had these naught thoughts on the way home from visiting the parents, you know how it is. You spend all day with them being good and the moment you leave you are tearing at each others clothing.

I know we have done it several times. One memorable occasion was when we hadn’t been together very long and we had been out for a very civilised dinner at a restaurant. I was wearing a black skirt suit, high heels and stockings. As you may have already guessed, Alex didn’t need asking twice to pull in to the layby.

When I think back we could have quite easily landed ourselves in trouble as the layby didn’t take us far away from the road. But we didn’t care we just wanted to get in to each others pants.

The following story I just read reminded me of those naughty adventures, we don’t go out that much now so the opportunities don’t arise but this story made me smile.

This was published in Ananova

Couple Had Sex Outside Police Station

A US couple have been arrested after having sex in their car – in a disabled space outside a police station. The couple told officers they were unaware where they had parked, reports the Morning Call newspaper. They hadn’t noticed several marked police cars in the other parking spaces nearby.

They were outside the main police station in Hellertown, Pennsylvania, with the engine running in the early hours of the morning when a police officer tapped on the windscreen.

Dennis Cullen, 23, and his female companion, who has not been named, told police they had been drinking at a university function earlier in the evening.

Cullen was charged with drink driving. Neither he nor his companion were charged in connection with having sex in the car.

Now that is what you call randy! 😉