Snatched Away

By | January 29, 2009

Suze wanted a book recently and as is our way at the moment we find that buying online from a certain famous retailer is cheaper than the high street. Well, it is so long as you get your order above a certain amount. When I ordered her book I made up the value to over the free delivery threshold with The Ipcress File DVD.

Having just finished watching the DVD this lunch time at work (I had to watch it without Suze, it doesn’t float her boat) I found myself with an email from Suze requesting another book and being short on the order value again, so I ordered Funeral In Berlin and The Billion Dollar Brain. I’ll be all Harry Palmer-ed out soon.

I made a shocking discovery. It was only a couple of days ago that I was talking to a colleague at work about how you often see people in movies only to never see them again. Or to have them reappear decades later and wonder what they’ve been up to. In this case I read a comment about the Billion Dollar Brain being Françoise Dorléac’s last movie. It turns out that the beautiful girl died just after finishing the filming when she crashed her car on the way to Nice Airport. I was totally unaware she was the elder sister of Catherine Deneuve, until I found our about her tragic death.

I actually felt rather sick about it. I have seen the film before, but as a kid so she didn’t really register with me, it’s not like I was a huge fan. I suppose it’s the thought of someone so young who was obviously in the ascendance being snatched away so cruelly. (read her Wikipedia entry and you’ll see what I mean)

I’ll be watching the film with a rather maudlin outlook now.