Shooting Your Load Week After Week

By | January 30, 2009

The A-Team has to rank as one of the worlds cheesiest TV formats. Week after week thousands of rounds of ammunition were fired both by and at the renegade soldier/mercenaries and nobody got killed, they rarely got hurt. I mention it because Alien director Ridley Scott is to make a movie version for cinema release.

That’s like asking Stanley Kubrick to direct Sesame Street. Good luck to him.

The wrong sort of direction is of course common in all genres, adult included. I personally blame it for the number of misconceptions that some people have about sex and relationships. Good porn is great, I wouldn’t be without it, but bad porn is dangerous in that it reinforces the stereotypes that we often pick up about men and women and what sex is like.

Especially vulnerable are young adults whose sexual experience is by definition of their age limited or even absent altogether. I’m not blaming porn for the ills of the world, sexual dysfunction or anything else. What I am saying is that combined with the sort of inaccurate and plain incorrect information that is floating around a porn movie that depicts sexual behaviour in a distorted way is not a good thing.

I’m not talking about different forms of sexuality here, be they gay, straight, vanilla, BDSM, D/s, fetish or anything else. I’m really more concerned with the monotonous blowjobs that women apparently want to give men, or the jump straight to anal as soon as the performers are undressed sufficiently to give penis access to anus.

I pretty sure there’ll be no anal in the A-Team, but I suspect there’s probably a porn movie of a similar name LOL