Porn At The Office

By | January 30, 2009

AlexSuzeNow I must be working for the wrong company because there is no way that any of the staff where I work (with the exception of the IT guy) would get away with viewing online porn. Not only are our PC’s accessible via PcAnywhere but the offices have CCTV.

I want to know just how you can get away with it because I want a job like that. 😉

Proof point have provided some interesting data relating to 400 responses from UK office workers including, 33% admitting they view inappropriate material at their desks and only 7% had been caught doing it. Their IT staff aren’t very vigilant. Lol

More than half of the group confessed to returning to the office drunk after a lunch in the pub, with a further 59% being taken ill in the office due to a hangover.

Now this is an interesting and poingnant one, 62% of office workers questioned admitted to having an office fling. Not that I would do anything like that. 😉

And a further 28% couldn’t stay awake and fell asleep at their desk despite the lure of alcohol and pornography.

Email also came under scrutiny with 54% committing a faux pas of pressing the “reply all” on a company email when their response wasn’t for all to see. And a quarter of workers had accidentally emailed work colleagues saucy comments intended for a lover.

I’m certainly working for the wrong company, how about you?