He Broke My Pussy

By | January 30, 2009

Today I was naughty – I wagged work or for those who haven’t a clue what I meant by that, I didn’t go in and feigned illness. Yesterday we had an annual meeting which introduced me to a concept of my new roll. Rather than someone having the balls to speak to me directly it was blurted out during a “this is what we are doing in 2009” meeting.

I can tell you I was well pissed without going in to too much detail. It seems that major changes to my role within the company are being passed on to me via conversations with other members of staff or in this case a general meeting.

Right now I have that cleared off my chest.

So, today I spent the day job hunting. To be honest I would stand more of a chance hunting big game. There is nothing out there at the moment. Typical I need to move and the bloody country slips in to recession.

My time was divided between working for the sites and calling up agencies. At least I feel like I have made some moves in the right direction.

Then came the evening. We were both knackered laying side by side in bed watching a bit of porn. It was a good scene actually, Petra Joy and Jay Snake (Yum, Yum!) In the scene was rather unusually for a porn film, fucking her with a chin dildo whilst licking and fingering her.

I must say they look strange but so useful for multi tasking….

…Oh yes. I suddenly became aware that Alex had started to wank himself under the duvet. I must have been so captivated by Mr Snake that I hadn’t noticed and the next thing I know he is throwing off the duvet and sporting a very nice hardon.

At this point I spread my legs to allow him to kneel between my legs. Once he moved in to place I Wet my fingers and ran them up my slit. As soon as my fingers vacated my labia Alex sidled in pushing his cock against my opening. Popping me as he pushed deeper.

He took my legs and placed my ankles either side of his head, giving me full penetration. OUCH! I cried as he rammed his cock in to me and bounced off my cervix. I adjusted my position to lengthen my vaginal passage.

Then he started to fuck me fast and furious, his need to come matching mine with every thrust. I placed my hands on his sides and pulled him in to me, loosening my grip on the retraction, eager to pull him back in to me at the height of outward motion.

I started coming and verbalised my body’s reaction to him. He gripped his teeth together, threw his head back and released inside me with a restrained howl. The last drops of come drained from him as he spasmodically twitched and then fell on the bed to the side of me.

Moments later we were in the bathroom cleaning up and I felt a slight sting as the soap worked its magic. When we were cleaned up I asked Alex to take a look at my pussy.

He found a small tear in my left inner labia. That explained the stinging I was now getting. It appeared that I had ripped my labia whilst fucking.

Has that happened to anyone else? Or am I the lucky one. Owww!