Sexy Valentine

By | January 31, 2009

Just in case anyone out there had forgotten, it’s only two weeks until Valentines Day. Valentines Day may be about love, but of course the expression of that love may be physical or to put it another way, sex.

So in our modern and much more up-front world Valentines day is synonymous with sex and sexuality. This can make it difficult to know where to draw the line with your Valentines Day message to your partner. Too luvy-duvy and they may think you’re a bit slow, too explicit and they may think you believe they’re a bit too easy.

Of course when you’ve been living together for a while that ceases to be a problem, but do you still send each other cards? Or presents? Well we send cards and before money became a big problem we used to send prezzies. We still would if we had the cash.

What about you guys.

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