They’re Making Porn Nextdoor

By | February 1, 2009

The residents of The Coppice in Bradley Stoke On Trent, Bristol are up in arms about one of their residents. James Edwards 42 a blue movie maker is using his £400,000 four bedroomed house and garden to shoot porn films. I can understand them being angry with that if they have children around.

Protesters claim that men are coming and going at half hourly intervals almost every day, hiding their faces as they leave and they now see girls brought to the house regularly.

Mr Edwards has previously been investigated by the police for claims of prostitution and has been cleared with no evidence found. Speaking outside his home today divorced Mr Edwards, who advertises on the internet, said: “If I pay a female model and a male model to do a scene for a DVD, some people would argue that is prostitution. I wouldn’t.
“They think it is immoral, but I am conducting a legitimate business here in adult content – stills and video. It is BBFC classified. Other than the dog barking there’s [sic] been no complaints of noise.”

I’m not sure how I feel about this one, I mean if it was happening on my street. How about you? I suppose you could get some cheap DVD’s. 😉