Caught In The Act

By | September 22, 2006

Have you ever quite literally been caught with your pants down?  It has happened to me more than once and fortunately I have managed to bluff my way out of all but one occasion, when there was no doubt about what our onlooker had just witnessed.  Here are some encounters I can remember clearly, others may come to me in time and I will tell you about them at a later date.

The first time it happened when I was sat astride my boyfriend in his car down a lonely lovers lane.  Or at least that’s what we thought it was at first.  It turned out that there were several cars around which we hadn’t noticed amongst the trees. 

We were in the throws of passion with me doing my best reverse cowgirl when there was a tap on the windowpane.  😀  Here is the full story.  It made for a most unusual night.  Nobody made any reference as to why we were down an unlit country lane late in the evening.  Surreal really!

On the second occasion I was at my boyfriend’s house whilst his parents were out.  I can’t remember where they had gone but they were away for the night.  Their house was a bungalow and Carl’s bedroom was at the rear far end of the property.  The house had a long rear garden with mature trees and a path which led to the gate at the end.  The gate opened on to a bridle path, which was rarely used.

This was useful for making an escape from early arriving parents.  😀  On this particular warm and balmy evening we were in his room listening to music with the windows open and the voile curtains occasionally wafting in the warm breeze.

One thing led to another and we both ended up naked on top of the bed.  Carl’s cock was hard and I had lost my inhibitions with the help of the alcohol we consumed earlier.  I threw my right leg over him and lowered myself down on to his erection.  He was quite a large guy in more ways than one and it was hard for me to take him all.  Practice makes perfect.  LOL

When my insides and most of my internal organs had adjusted to accommodate his more than adequate length I began to move slowly up and down his shaft.  I remember concentrating so hard on taking him in that I drooled on to his chin through not swallowing.  I can picture him looking up and laughing at me even now.

Within minutes I had stretched to fit and was bobbing quite happily up and down on his erection.  The wind was blowing the curtains slightly open every now and then which helped to cool our hot bodies.  I came as quietly as I could aware that the window was open and he pinched my nipples as I bucked on his cock.

“Chew!” came the sound.  I looked at Carl and he looked quizzically at me.  Without a word I raised myself off his now softening cock and made my way to the window, where I thought the noise had come from.  I pulled back the curtain and I nearly jumped out of my skin and let out a brief scream as I spotted Barry, Chris’ friend about a foot away from the window.

It was quite obvious that he had decided to come over the back way to see Carl and then to his delight found us fucking in Chris’ room.  I didn’t know quite what to say I was embarrassed.  I told Chris that Barry was outside.  We quickly got dressed.  It was so funny at the same time as being one of the most embarrassing moments of my life.  We were jumping around the bedroom trying to put get our jeans on like a comedy duo.

To this day I have never asked Barry what he saw.  I’m too afraid that the answer would be “everything!”

In my early twenties I saved up enough money to go to Scotland for a week with my fella.  John was a keen fisherman and I am sorry to say that I stupidly played second fiddle to his tackle.  Hehehe.  I’m not quite sure why I agreed to go knowing that we would be spending the whole week fishing.  But hey, love makes you do strange things.

We were lucky to pick one of the best weeks to go up to Scotland too.  The weather was constantly hot and we were able to fish every day.  Goody, goody.  😀  He used to sit rod in hand whilst I used to search for mine in his trousers.  LOL

One afternoon the weather was blissfully hot and we were on the banks of the river Anon in the middle of nowhere.  Nobody else in sight, not even the sound of a car.  Mind you it had taken us a while to trek from the car through some woodland and down the embankment.  Time and effort well invested.

I managed to undo his flies and coax his cock out of his jeans.  This is how keen a fisherman he was.  I actually got down in front of his seat and began to suck him off whilst he held on to his rod changing glances from his float bobbing up and down to my head doing the same on his erection.

Eventually he got so hard that he had to relieve himself.  He put down his rod and I slipped my panties off casting them to the side.  I found a patch of soft grass and lay back with my legs spread in readiness for him.  He pushed his jeans and pants down to below his knees and knelt in between my legs stroking his cock at the same time.

He placed his hands either side of me and I reached down to guide him inside me.  As I did so a voice could be heard over the other side of the riverbank.  He pushed himself up and started to pull up his trousers and pants.  Just in time.  Two guys came walking up the embankment on the other side of the river, rods in hand.

I think we were lucky and didn’t get spotted on that occasion.  And to my delight he didn’t feel like fishing there after that encounter.  So it wasn’t all bad was it?