I’m Late…

By | July 12, 2006

Yes, you did read that right. Suze is late at starting her period this month. I’m not complaining from the copulating perspective, it’s nice not to have to be concerned about the mess and using the fuck towel. But it has been days now and no sign of me even starting, not one little bit.

Suze is not quite ready for a little sprog, it’s nice to look after little nephew once in a while. Then give him back. But to contemplate the possibility of having one permanently around is daunting. I’ve got too much to do both on this blog and with Alex. 😉

It could also make my HNT’s a little different. LOL. When I mentioned the prospect of me being pregnant to Alex last night he gave me a big inane smile. I could just see his thoughts turning to childhood play, football in the park on Sunday’s and all those things you do with mini-mees. So no need to ask if Alex is happy about it, his face was beaming.

I mean, shit I haven’t even got a job. Children drain money away and we have none at this moment in time. I simply can’t afford a baby at the moment. I’m rambling I know but I wanted to share my thoughts with you all.
First things first, we need to get off to the shops later and buy a testing kit. How soon can you test? I don’t have a clue.