It’s Snowing Take Me To Bed

By | February 3, 2009
The UK is now in the grip of Winter after weeks of mild weather which was unseasonable for the time of year it has gotten bloody cold. Weather reports last night warned of extreme weather conditions hitting us over night with heavy falls of snow.

So when Alex and I jumped out of bed this morning we were expecting or should I say hoping to be snowed in. There were a few inches but nothing to warrant calling work to let them know we wouldn’t be in. 🙁

Alex left before me and avoided the heavy fall which occurred as I set out. For a few minutes I thought I may have to turn right back as the snowy blizzard conditions hit once more. But I felt I ought to go a little further, deciding upon a judgement point where I would make my final decision.

This point was just over the brow of a hill and guess what. Yes, the snow wasn’t as dense and the road was clearer. I continued on my way. The reports were coming in over the radio that more snow was expected to hit this afternoon. Giving anything up to 20cm of coverage. I know to you Canadian and American readers that isn’t much but we haven’t had a significant fall for 20 years over here.

I looked out of the window just now and although there is still a gentle flurry of flakes out there I don’t think it will make much difference. But the latest reports forecast more to come over night.

We have both been trying to decide what we could do tomorrow if we get snowed in. What do you think we opted to do? 😉 I may need to take Wednesday off too to recover…