Snow Shags

By | February 3, 2009

There’s a lot of talk in the news about the amount of money that the snow is costing the country. The problem for the UK, particularly the southern, UK is that we haven’t experienced harsh winters for years. Snow has been occasional and light and the weather during our winters is now warmish and damp. So when we get a lot of snow we don’t have the equipment to clear the roads or the skills to cope, e.g. driving.

The immediate cost to the economy is one thing, but there could be a little time bomb ticking for nine months time.

If like Suze and me you spent the day off work you may have occupied yourself the same way we did. That is, in bed, and I don’t mean sleeping.

OK so even if that is the case most people will have taken precautions … but accidents do happen.

So has anyone factored that into the cost of the bad weather?