MSN And Then

By | July 11, 2006

Alex was an extremely naughty boy yesterday, he broke the company rules and set up MSN on his PC. We can now talk to each other at certain periods during the day. He still needs to do some work. LOL.Well, I have done the telephone sex call with boyfriends in the past and the cyber orgy over at DH a great time was had by all. Now I have come completely up to date and done the MSN dirty talk with Alex. So I can cross that one off my list of “To Do’s”. I started to warm him up with descriptions of what I would like to do to him if I was there. I told him to imagine me kneeling under his desk, nobody aware that I was there.

I would unzip his flies and reach inside his boxer shorts, teasing out his cock. He would slide his ass forward on his office chair and lie back against the backrest. I would now pull back his foreskin and lean forward taking in his aroma. His cock would be starting to harden with anticipation of what was to come.

He would take up a book from the desk and pretend to read. I would open my mouth and enclose it around his pulsing cock. I would watch his body tense up as he felt the warmth of my mouth engulf his erection. It came to mind just how good it would be if Alex had a web cam trained on him right at that moment. Would I be able to see the distinct taughtness of his suit crotch and the clear outline of his hardon?

He would start to rhythmically fuck my mouth between passers by outside his office window. His face not betraying the hussy under the desk. Lips pursed tight, not giving away his secret. Fires stoked by the knowledge that nobody knew I was there under his desk, tending to his needs. He would now be resting on the very edge of his seat, tensing his ass cheeks with each thrust he delivers to my throat.

Sloshing sounds are now emanating from under the desk as he drives in to my mouth. Clear ribbons of saliva dripping to the floor and my knees. He is so close now, it’s hard to keep up the pretence. Fighting instinct to throw his head back and roll his eyes as orgasm creeps closer. At this point the connection between us dropped. FUCK! FUCK!

I was wet and throbbing. Unable to type and satisfy myself digitally, I had crossed my legs tightly and been stimulating myself by rubbing my labia together. If I am turned on my clit starts to swell and I can on occasion give myself a clitoral orgasm. But what had happened for Alex to disappear so abruptly? OMG! Had someone walked in on him? It was only 11:02am over an hour before I would find out.

When Alex pulled up on the drive I rushed to the door to meet him. I couldn’t wait to find out why he had disconnected from me earlier. He explained that one of the girls in the office had walked in and he had to quickly slide his chair under the desk to conceal his erection. I laughed, I know I shouldn’t have but I could just imagined him sitting there hoping that he wouldn’t have to leave the office until it went down.

We ate lunch and then I began to rub his cock through his suit trousers. I have probably said this before but I love a guy in a suit. We even have one that Alex wears to fuck me in. He leaned in to me and started to undo my button through top. Popping the button one at a time. I felt so randy from earlier I just couldn’t wait to feel him inside me. My breast spilled out unrestrained by lingerie.

Alex pulled my head to his and began to kiss me deeply and passionately as my exposed breast pushed against his crisp white shirt. The air became humid around us as our respiration increased with sexual desire. Alex’s tongue entwined with mine as we kissed. “Tap, tap, tap” went the knock on the front door. Shit I thought as I parted my lips from Alex’s. “Ignore it, they will go away”, ensured Alex. I leaned back in to kiss him again. As I did I became aware of a shadow out of the corner of my eye.

It was him! The fucking rammer was at the front window waving a package in his hand. Can you believe it. This guy is out to get me. Rammer, have you been reading this blog?