Bisexual Women And Threesomes

By | February 4, 2009

AlexSuze.comThere is a disparity between bisexuals, specifically between bisexual men and bisexual women.

Bisexual men are predominantly seen (in my experience in the offline world) as perverted, mixed up or closet homosexuals. Bisexual women on the other hand are often seen, by men in particular, as a dream come true.

Having a bisexual partner is something that I can’t imagine living without. Suze’s orientation works for me on two levels. First because it presents a number of sexual scenarios that are not possible with a heterosexual coupling and because we both have (on the whole) the same taste in women.

I can see what women find attractive about women, because I find women attractive. I think a lot of men find the idea of having a third (female) person in their relationship as less threatening than accepting a male into their bedroom. Obviously because of the lack of a second penis in the sexual mêlée, but also because of the lack of competing testosterone. Less metaphorical chest beating.

A man in these situations imagines that the women would both be competing for and taking turns with his affections. OK, let’s say it, his cock. That is not always the case.

People want different things from sex at different times. Moreover women usually have completely different sexual aspirations and motivation than men. Thinking that because two women are in your bed means you’ll be getting twice as much action is over simplifying things. Because a woman enjoys sex does not mean she always wants to be penetrated by a man. It’s just as likely that they may want to explore sex with another woman, taking advantage of the opportunity that a female third presents to them.

A man might even find the intimacy and mutual understanding that such a liaison provides for their partner to be more threatening than a fuck with a guy who’s level of emotional engagement might be less. If a male third’s only interest is to shoot his load and leave it at that then the act is just sex. However in my experience women don’t usually see sex as an emotionally detached act, there tends to be an emotional context within which the sex takes place.

Yes women are lustful and lusting, but they don’t disconnect in the way that men can.

Bisexuality in men is something I can’t speak authoritatively about, not being bisexual or having any close bisexual friends. That’s a pity because while I’m accepting of people’s orientation (so long as their sexual activity has informed consent from all parties involved) I now can’t write the other half of this post.

This train of thought has now left me intrigued and somewhat frustrated. Damn.