Screwing In The Snow

By | February 5, 2009

Winter is upon us again in Britain and the same thoughts appear in my head as did last year. I want to build a snowman, go sledging and throw snowballs at Alex. Lol But most of all comes the prevailing thought that I want to go outside and fuck in the snow.

Naked would be my ultimate snowy sex but I think in reality it would have to be partially clothed. But I do wonder if we were in say by the Blue Lagoons in Iceland would I risk laying totally naked in the cold snow knowing that we could jump straight in to the thermal pool after.

Somehow the premise of fucking in the snow outside on the back garden and then running in to the house and upstairs to the bathroom to take a hot shower just doesn’t seem the same.

But why do I fantasise about fucking in the snow in the first place? Could it be nothing more than the fact that I haven’t done it? Like a kind of sexual activity checklist…”snow fuck YES”. I think I just realised that is exactly what it is because it would probably not be too exciting, both of us cold and shivering. Not to mention the fact that Alex would have all on getting hard in the freezing cold and possibly frost bite. Lol

I thought I would look for some online tips about how’s best to approach sex in the snow and was surprised to find that the BBC had covered this very topic. You tend to think of the BBC being a national institute and a little stayed but this obviously shows that they can be quite open minded.

The initial article related to rolling naked in the snow but if you scroll down there is a link to having sex whilst rolling in the snow. Go BBC! 😉