The Largest Tits In The World

By | February 5, 2009

Or should I say behind every body dysmorphic there is a man…

I just finished watching a program on Channel 4 called The Worlds Most Enhanced Woman And Me. This programme featured two women and the story behind their breast enlargements.

The first part of the programme featured the woman with the largest breasts in the world according to the Guinness Book Of Records. Her website was down and her publicity agent said that she was unavailable but gave no explanation why.

Another woman was working the strip clubs in Las Vegas and had to have a reduction in her implants due to ill health, basically they were leaking. Although the ones she currently had were cartoon size.

Then they featured Minker a Korean woman who had the misfortune to meet an American who talked her in to becoming his Hentai dream. This woman was not only small in height but in stature and was suffering bad backache as a result of the enhancement surgery. The pimp (American guy) had persuaded her to gradually increase her breast size and as she did so it would appear he increased his profits.

He had built a business around her assets which was now worth millions. This guy had no love, respect or anything on a personal level going on with this woman. In fact he referred to her as his commodity several times during the programme. I could totally understand this innocent Korean woman becoming enchanted with the rich lifestyle that livening in America had brought her but she was being used and manipulated.

At one point she actually said that she was only going to leave the implants in for another couple of years or so as they were uncomfortable and cumbersome to her. At that point he interjected that she should have then in to her 70’s. I have just two words for him “fuck you!”

It became more and more apparent during the filming that this man had no thought for this woman and she was just trying to make herself a better life than the one he had plucked her from.

But the saddest case was of Sheyla Hershey, she set off as a normally proportioned girl and made herself in to a freak. She began to enhance herself after meeting her British boyfriend who had a thing for over sized breasts and over the years had become more and more extreme. When the programme started filming her she looked like a caricature already.

As the interviewer peeled back the layers, she began to show her cracks. Her family had never been a close loving one and it had quite obviously had a detrimental effect on her. The result of this was that she needed to be wanted so much that she was prepared to become a parody to get attention.

Everywhere she went in Brazil flocks of people would surround her. And more worrying than the fact that she revelled in this was that there were kids running up to her! But she still wasn’t happy, she wanted the largest breasts in the world and we all know what happened to Lollo Pops.

Her sister wanted her to stop having surgery which had created a rift in the family and despite everything she went ahead with the operation during the filming of the programme. Even bandaged up she had to don the makeup and pose for publicity shots which would accompany her story. I really started to feel sad for this girl.

The surgery had just provided her with breasts containing 4.5 litres of fluid, the largest in the world at that time. She told the reporter that that was it, no more surgery and that after a couple of years they would be coming out but somehow it left us all doubting that.

Behind every body dysmorphic is a man…