Lets Go Swinging

By | February 5, 2009

Not so many years ago the tale about the parties where the car keys were placed in a bowl and retrieved one by one, matching each picker with its owner were rife. In those days it was known as wife swapping. I know there was an affluent area near where I was brought up that was renowned for such activities.

I often wondered if this was just a titillating fantasy put about by people with little of interest to say. We all like to be a little adventurous in the bedroom but would you go as far as coping off with someone you didn’t even select to be your bed partner.

If I was to participate in this partner swapping activity I would like not only to be able to choose who I fucked but also see some proof that they have been screened for STD’s and AIDS. I like to live life to the full but not play Russian roulette.

The inspiration for this post came from watching the first series of Life On Mars this weekend. There is an excellent scene featuring Sam Tyler and Gene Hunt when they visit such a party. It is hilarious I strongly recommend you watch it if you get the chance.

These days this activity has been replaced by swinging and there are a variety of ways you can participate in this ranging from joining a club to online networking. Oh, how times have changed. Now rather than this kind of thing operating underground it is easy to access and participate in.

Did it have more mystique and appeal when it was just a case of key swapping in nonchalant suburbia? Are we too sexplicit these days?