Cock Worship

By | February 6, 2009

Suze loves everything cock. I have seen chocolates, candles, cake tins and just about everything cock shaped there is out there. You can even make your own cock shaped ice cubes, try putting them in your parent’s drinks when they come round.

One Sunday we even cloned Alex’s cock in latex, so now I have a vibrator shaped like the real thing in my bedside drawer in case of emergencies. 😉 And he has cloned my pussy so he can look at it wherever he is.

I have dildos and vibrators made from silicone, wood, glass, metal and some which can even be fixed to surfaces. They come in all shapes and sizes, all designed to please in various ways.

But I didn’t know you could get ceramic dildos until today.

Whilst browsing the internet I came across this site it is run by John Warta who set off sculpting animals and now makes ceramic objects of pleasure. Personally I’m liking the one above but perhaps in a different colour.

And yes you can choose from a variety of colours and sizes for some of his toys.

For a moment I just thought about what you could tell a visitor if they were to spot one of these ceramic dildos. How about. It’s a stylised mushroom ornament I bought when we were on holiday. Lol