The Eighth Level Of Being Fucked

By | February 7, 2009

Internet Explorer 8 is Evil.

OK, so evil might be a little strong, but I installed Microsoft’s IE 8 last night and since then my life has been painful. I use IE, or did use IE as my browser of choice. I’ve always found it to be reliable and fast. Faster indeed than Firefox and more familiar than any other browser cos I’ve been using longer.

I use other browsers, Chrome and Firefox in other circumstances, especially to check for compatibility when we change the sites. Though never Safari as every time I’ve tried to use it the daft thing just falls over and is horribly slow and clunky.

So to ensure that everything worked with Version 8 of Internet Explorer I thought I’d give it a go. Of course, if it didn’t work I could simply uninstall it, right?


The installation seemed to go OK, but it errors, is temperamental about following links and keeps telling me I’m not connected to the Internet, then immediately says “No problems with the Internet connection.” And when I tried to uninstall the software … I can’t even see it in “Installed Programs” let alone remove it.

OK, I thought, reinstall IE7. No. Apparently IE7 is not compatible with my version of the OS.

Now I can’t check out the new features of IE8 because it’s broken so I’m using Chrome …