Working Out Just Fine

By | July 10, 2006

Alex and I went to my parents on Saturday night for a bit of a piss-up and a BBQ, as you know they have just come back from their holidays. We both over indulged too, I blame my mum she bought far too much food (which was a shame to leave) and enough alcohol to sink a battle ship and give me a headache. LOL. I don’t know why I’m laughing my head throbbed a little this morning and as a result we did not engage in any Sunday morning shagging. 🙁

I woke up quite early to say I had a lot to drink, around 6.30am which is good for the morning after. My head was throbbing and I was annoyed at myself for not drinking enough water with my wine. Alex didn’t drink quite as much and looked quite good considering. It seemed the best thing to do was to get up start moving around and try to re-hydrate and eat.

So downstairs I headed and made both Alex and myself some toast (I really couldn’t handle anything else) and some tea. Returning to bed with trays so that we could lounge around and eat breakfast in bed. We both finished up breakfast and then snuggled down the bed in each other’s arms. The next thing I know Alex is snoring in my ear and the clock is saying 8.30am.

Time for gym! I made my way to the bathroom and got myself ready whilst Alex (bless him) washed up the breakfast dishes. Kitchen tidy, dressed for a workout (NO SEX) we headed off for the local gym. There were not many people there when we arrived, they were probably nursing hangovers from the night before (not that I would do anything like that). I tried to make myself feel enthusiastic as we walked the floor between the exercise equipment.

Alex made for the x-trainers (brave man) and I opted for the rowing machine to get myself started (don’t tell Alex but there was a good view of a guy lifting weights from there). We attend gym together but tend to go our separate ways once inside, perhaps meeting up to warm down on the bikes at the end.

I set up the rowing mache level and timer, clipped in my feet and pulled back on the cord. The perfect vantage point…I could see Alex, well his head and shoulders and the fit weight lifter (OK, get off my case, I know he was a little too young). I began to settle in and started to speed up and feel the burn. As I looked across to Alex a girl was just stepping on to the cross trainer to his right. From where I was sitting she looked to be about our age, a brunette, a stacked brunette at that.

She was wearing a yellow cap sleeve t-shirt and I could just make out through the equipment in front of them, black lycra leggings. I carried on pulling, not making bad progress to say only half an hour ago I felt like shit. LOL. Alex stole a quick look over her way and then gave me a quick wink. I smiled back. The brunette then leaned over towards Alex and started to talk to him. She looked as if she needed instruction on how to use the machine as she waved her hands in the air.

Alex stopped his exercise and leaned over the control panel of her x-trainer. She smiled at him and moved in closer. I thought maybe she couldn’t see from her angle or was she just homing in on him? I told myself to stop being so stupid but must admit the little green devil within me had woken. I found myself pulling quite hard and fast on the chord and the fan at the other end of the machine was almost levitating me. It was almost as though I was mentally trying to row across to the pair of them. 😀 The instruction seemed to be over and Alex returned to his machine.

The brunette started began to exercise , turning to Alex to give him one of her smiles as she did so. He smiled back and then turned to catch my eye. I must have given him a stoney stare because his face dropped from the smile to a look of concern. Why was I being so stupid? This girl just needed a bit of help…sure! She stepped up her pace and her breasts started to bounce. That’s when things changed, instead of being a little jealous and cross I was now finding myself mesmerised by her.

She hadn’t noticed me looking and certainly didn’t know that Alex and I were together. The more I studied her the more I realised how plainly attractive she was. I don’t mean plain in the sense of being ugly or unattractive. She was a naturally good looking girl, no makeup, no gum chewing and a very pleasant face. It hadn’t escaped Alex’s eye that she was now bouncing rhythmically with every turn of the pedals. Her face had taken on a rosy glow, which kind of made her look even cuter.

I somehow forgot that I was rowing and found myself watching her and thinking naughty thoughts. When I exercise I sometimes get turned on, probably as a result of the lycra rubbing my pussy with each movement, coupled with the increase in blood pressure. I wondered if she was being turned on as she pedalled away and her thighs skimmed past her swollen labia as she pedalled. There she went again, casting a smile over in Alex’s direction, just like a skilled angler casting out the bait.

She was now starting to glow and moist patches were appearing around her breasts, targeting my eyes. How I would have loved to take each breast in turn and suck upon her nipples. Place my head deep between them and lick that sensitive skin. I imagined talking her home, undressing her letting her clothes fall to the floor. Leading her to the bathroom, opening the shower and stepping in there with her. Lathering my hands up and running them up and down her body. Caressing every part of her with my soapy hands, taking in her contours, hills and valleys.

Beep-beep, beep-beep went the counter on the rowing machine and I was immediately brought out of my daydream. I unclipped my feet and climbed off the machine. As I started to head towards Alex the brunette stepped off her bike and made her way over to a girl working out on the abducter. I gave him a smile as he watched her walk away. I think the same thought was going through his mind. “There were three in the bed and the little one said…”.