Thai Anal

By | February 8, 2009

Thai Anal BeadsFroggie Thai Beads

I didn’t expect Suze to object when I asked Nice Sex Toys to send me the Froggie Thai Beads for review. She does like shoving things up may ass. She enjoys seeing my reaction as first she eases a toy into me and then as she withdraws it.

The specs first: The beads are made of one piece of silicone and are therefore very soft and easy to clean. The first bead that you insert is the smallest and the subsequent four, up to the frog’s head shaped handle are each slightly larger than the last.

Towel laid out and water based lube to hand I got onto all fours and waited while Suze lubed my ass and the beads. She gently fed the first on into my ass and found that if she waited a moment the natural muscular contractions drew the beads in until the next one was just outside my opening and ready to be pushed inside with a little lube and a finger.

Each bead on it’s own, particularly the first was not particularly noticeable, but as one bead after another was drawn inside me I began to feel slightly full in my rectum. Because the Froggie Thai Beads are soft you don’t get intense stimulation when they are in place. It’s the insertion and as I was about to find out their removal that really gives the most enjoyment.

With the Thai anal beads nestling inside me I tried moving around. I was certainly aware of their presence, but these anal beads don’t give higlhy intense stimulation. You know they’re there but they aren’t going to rock your world if they stay put.

I asked Suze to remove the beads and that was when I felt the most sensation. She gently pulled the handle of the beads until the largest was pressing against my inner sphincter. I relaxed and let it escape, feeling it widen me and emerge causing me to experience a gratifying but otherwise indescribable sensation of release. Suze continued to pull and released the next three beads with similar, but slightly diminishing effect.

“Put them back in” I said.

“You want me to do that again?” replied Suze “You really enjoyed that then.”

“I always like new experiences” …

So we tried again and this time when it came to remove the beads I could sense Suze was enjoying each one emerging from my ass, released by my tight sphincter. Enjoying it almost as much as me.

This is a simple anal sex toy and one that even beginners can enjoy. You don’t have to insert the whole toy unless you really want to, but of course you might not be able to stop at one …

I’ll be sure to be trying out the Froggie Thai Beads on Suze really soon.