Penis Extension

By | February 9, 2009

Well I’m sad to say that Friday was my last day with the girls. I’m destined on Monday morning to move in to my new office with that fucking bully who’s attitude is tolerated by my fucked up company.

There I feel better for saying that.

Truth is I had no option but to agree to move, I was never part of the team that Busty and Horny were in. They just let me stay there to be in the company of females rather than the lot I will be moving in with.

As you can tell I’m not exactly over the moon about the whole thing. It never feels good when you are pushed in to doing something you don’t want to. I checked out the finished office before leaving on Friday and at least they have placed me as far away from bully as they could.

The room is light and airy and the air con unit is mounted right behind where I’ll be sitting but they assured me that it can be set to blow horizontally instead of down. I stayed in there only briefly because my PC hadn’t been set up and various other things.

When I went downstairs to speak to the girls they asked what I thought and mentioned something I hadn’t noticed.

Busty asked “did you see the ridiculously oversized chairs that Bully and Gobshite have chosen?”

“No”, I replied being more concerned with proximity than anything else. “The guys were sat on them but I didn’t notice”, I added.

“Well, they look just like the ones you get in the diary room in Big Brother”, Busty replied with a giggle.

“So, what you are saying is that they are some form of penis extension?”, I threw in.

We all rolled around with laughter. I’ll check them out on Monday and let you know what I think.