Sex Toys In The Street

By | February 10, 2009

I just finished reading a story featured in The Northern Territory News, Australia about Dildo Boulevard. Apparently 30 sex toys were found dumped in the road last Friday. At the centre of this story was Osbeck Road.

Laurelle Bates discovered the toys with Robert Johns and commented “It’s a real mystery. We have no idea where they came from. I know they aren’t new. They look used”. Strange comment, do you think she knows something and isn’t letting on? Lol

Johns said some of the larger items had disappeared within hours. Another resident, Camilla Cappa added “There were all different kinds. Some were different colours. One was like a banana. I had a child in the car. He just thought they were fire crackers.” I’ll have to save that one just in case little nephew ever clocks one of ours.

I’m wondering if it is possible that they fell out of a torn bin bag or the back of a bin lorry. The reason for this…we had a big sex toy clearout only a few weeks ago. We need to be careful to double bag them in case this happens to us. 😉