Do You Think He Wants To Get Inside My Pants?

By | February 10, 2009

Well, my transition in to the office upstairs seems to have gone quite smoothly. The Ladette I work opposite seems nice, I had previously only exchanged the odd word here and there in the kitchen. But she does seem OK apart from being a bit of a tom boy with amazing talents for alcohol consumption if the guys up there are to be believed.

Gobshite does exactly what it says on the tin, I have never heard anyone come out with the lies and down-right crap that he does. And when you correct him he starts to agree with you and change his story to fit. For his age he is really immature but at the same time may be a good source of amusement over the coming months.

Meanwhile the Bully has been reasonable and polite but I can’t help thinking that he is playing the part and his demeanour will slip at some point. I know it sounds like paranoia but this guy has done it before and then slipped back in to his old ways again. I remain sceptical but hopeful as far as he is concerned.

I haven’t had the pleasure of Mr Veneer yet, he has been out of the office and will remain so until Friday when I will have the pleasure of sitting next to him. He is my line manager and gets his name from his perfectly straight, white teeth. I have found him to be ineffectual and antagonistic when approached, so I am being cautious of him too.

Merry old lot don’t you think?

I’m trying to keep myself focused on the positive and see how it goes after all I need this job for the money.

I seem to have gained an admirer. I’m not one to over inflate my ego but this guy is definitely going out of his way to make conversation with me. And bless him he has the social graces of a lump fish. For the purpose of my posts relating to him I will refer to him as Shrek and when I come to think about it he does resemble him but without the green thing going on. Lol

You know when someone comes up and tries to start a conversation with you and to be polite you answer in a sentence, well normally there is a cut off point when you start to feel uneasy about pursuing the conversation anymore. A sort of conversational etiquette if you like. You have come to a conclusion and the conversation has dried up. At that point you should retreat but he doesn’t.

He will stand next to you looking and saying nothing as if there is something to finish. To be honest he makes me feel a little uncomfortable just like when someone invades your personal space.

I also notice that he stares at me when he thinks I am preoccupied. Lucky me eh! I’m not sure but I think he is engaged to be married I need to check that out not that Alex need worry. Lol