Model Bares Her Ass

By | February 11, 2009

And it’s all for high fashion.

I never did understand the concept of high fashion it so often (though not always) seems linked to low IQs, pretension and ridiculously impractical clothes.

I found this dress while browsing last night. It’s by Turkish designer Cengiz Abazoglu and if he can find rich people with enough money to buy it then good luck to him. Apparently there’s speculation that Britney might be interested as she’s already a customer of his.

I suspect not as she could do without the damn thing wrapping around her legs and tripping her up as she falls, knickerless out of a car. Again.

To me it looks half finished as if they got the Liz-Taylor-in-Cleopatra thing happening with the collar and then kind of lost the plot with the rest of the dress.

It would be quite nice to go to Paris Fashion week (if I had the money). While I’m not into fashion as such it would be an experience. Sadly I’d probably spend most of my time there with my mouth open in disbelief at the weird shit that passes for couture.