Risky Business

By | July 8, 2006

We only did a quick post this morning before we set out for a walk. The weather’s still warm here, but not as hot as the past week which has seen temperatures in the 30s. So perfect for a nice leisurely stroll.

Keep on reading it gets better, I promise.

As you know if you’re a regular reader we live in a semi-rural area and the countryside is only a minute’s walk in any direction. We were about half a mile from home today, skirting the edge of the village when we saw a rather interesting scene. Two boys 18-20 years of age pulling out of the driveway of one of the stone built cottages in a Renault Clio, about 25 meters in front of us.

Maybe it was me but I thought they were looking furtive. They also avoided looking at the woman who emerged from the driveway after them. This was odd as when I first saw her I thought MILF. She was wearing a black and white short and clingy summer dress with patent leather black belt, 5″ stilettos and matching handbag. Ordinarily this look would have been fine after 6pm but it was a warm summer morning and those were not the right footwear for a hot day. Shoulder length hair and nicely turned calves.

She was heading towards the bus stop. Things didn’t look quite right thought. Firstly she’d been ignored by the two boys, if she had been their mum they surely would have at least given her a wave or a hoot on the horn. Second, her dress, a little over the top for 11am and certainly racy for anyone walking through our village during daylight. Thirdly she didn’t look quite old enough to be their mother.

Fourthly, she had to study the bus timetable posted at the stop. We only have one bus pass through the village and it’s every 30 minutes! Everyone knows that and if she had lived at the house she would have seen it pass the end of her driveway every half-hour from 06:00 to 11:30.

So I’m thinking Risky Business, Tom Cruise, Rebecca De Mornay. The lad’s parent(s) away from home, they have the use of the car, hire a call girl and spent Friday night getting their money’s worth. Or is it just me.

Well, no, because Suze thought exactly the same thing and said so when we were out of earshot of the bus stop. Although she did suggest that I go back and take a photo to put on this post. She cracks me up sometimes.

Very un-gallant of the boys not to give her a lift back though.