Lets Just Forget The Hearts And Flowers And Just Fuck

By | February 12, 2009

At work today it got to mid morning and Gobshite decided that it would be a good idea to try to arrange something for his girlfriend for Valentines day. Yes, I was surprised he actually has a girlfriend, I thought it would be him and his 10 friends if you know what I mean.

So just 3 days from the big day he suddenly gets the urge/guilt (delete as appropriate) to find something for her. He has no imagination and decides to send her flowers. Utilising works internet access he checks out the usually places and discovers that not one of them can deliver.

I pointed out to him as he sat at his desk moaning that he had left it rather late and it’s not like Valentines day changes, every year it falls on the same bloody day!

In the end I think he said something about her not wanting him to spend money on flowers. I said she was a bright girl and that he should get her something else. He then started to mumble about perhaps picking the flowers up and delivering them. At that point I got bored.

I’m not very romantic but I am practical and I would much rather Alex didn’t have a huge outlay of cash to buy some flowers on just one day of the year.

Given a choice I would prefer something more practical or long lived.

When I got home from work I did a quick search to find something a little different and more imaginative than a bouquet of flowers

And I found it here what a wonderful idea. Decorative and scrummy all in one. You can feed fruit to each other whilst in bed and who knows where that will lead to. 😉