Bondage And Boobs – Another Day At The Office

By | February 13, 2009

AlexSuzeI’m starting to feel a little more settled in my new surroundings at work. I have grown to like Tomboy, although a little rough she is quite amusing and we have started to chat a little now.

Gobshite is beginning to realise that I’m not as gullible as he thought I was. I think he confused politeness for naivety or perhaps stupidity. I’ve started to pick at his conversations if they are sounding like untruths. He has his moments but he is young and full of himself.

I still feel a little uncomfortable being in the same room as Bully. Possibly because I know from history that this guy can behave for so long and then he slips in to his own ways. This makes me on guard all the time, instead of being able to relax. A feeling that I hope will ebb away with time.

My next big hurdle is to build my trust with my immediate line manager after his lack of support and understanding when I approached him with my concerns re Bully. Friday will be the first day that I will have sat next to him for a full day, he is usually out and about. I remain positive that things will improve.

I have to.

The conversations are starting to become slightly more interesting but I suppose it is less than a week and things have to blossom. This afternoon I had an interesting chat with Tomboy. She revealed to me that she has a phobia about wrists, not just hers but wrists in general too!

This is the first time I have ever encountered anyone with such a bizarre phobia. She said she can’t even think about wrists without making herself feel sick. They have to be covered up and she is unable to wear a watch or bracelet.

And me being me…I said…”you won’t be in to bondage then”. Well the whole office broke in to laughter and I may have turned a shade of red as I realised what I said. She took it in good spirit too and joined in.

The laughter died down and I was summoned to Bully’s desk to select workwear. We are now having to wear logoed shirts and cardigans for work. I suppose it’s not a bad thing, saves you having to buy workwear and the hassle of selecting what to wear for the day.

I wasn’t sure about sizes of cardigan so he suggested I try Tomboys to give me an idea. She took it off and I was bowled over by the size of her boobs. I really hadn’t noticed them before because she always wears her cardigan zipped and sits behind a low screen, so I can only see her head.

She must be even bigger than Busty in my old office. But she isn’t quite as scrummy as her.

It’s still early days lets see what the topic of conversation is in a couple of weeks time. 😉