The Hitman And Her Fuck Up

By | February 13, 2009

I just read the story below in the Metro and it left me feeling slightly bemused. Take a read and see what you think.

A cheating wife who paid £800 to hire a hitman to murder her husband was yesterday spared jail and put on a life skills course instead.
Mother-of-two Zekiye Osmankan, arranged to have her husband, Cinsan, killed after a complaining about him during a chance meeting with a friend at her children’s primary school.
But after handing over the cash, the 33-year-old had second thoughts – and then confessed all when she was tricked out of her money.
Yesterday, Osmankan was spared jail by Judge Jeremy Roberts QC, who handed her a suspended ten-month sentence and told her to attend a 20-hour ‘skills for life’ course.
He said it was an ‘exceptional case’, adding: ‘You and your husband both now recognise that your marriage is at an end and you will go your separate ways and the situation where you committed your offence will not be repeated.’
Osmankan, from Tottenham, north London, and her Turkish-Cypriot husband married in 1994 and had two children aged six and 12.
But the marriage was an unhappy one and she began an affair in 2008.
Events took a sinister turn when she told her friend, Stacey Jane Ali, that she was being abused.
Ali suggested that for £800 her boyfriend, William Holden could arrange to have her husband shot.
Osmankan withdrew the cash from his account and handed it over at the school gates last August, the Old Bailey was told.
However, a day after she had arranged the hit, Osmankan realised she had made a ‘terrible mistake and done something stupid’ and phoned to call it off – only to be told there would be a £50 cancellation fee.
She then confessed to her 39-year-old husband she was having an affair, had planned to have him killed and asked if she could borrow the money to cancel the contract on his head.
Osmankan then called police and handed herself in, spending 18 weeks on remand in prison. She admitted soliciting to murder.
Passing sentence, the judge said he had taken into account the fact that Osmankan had been abused, was suffering from depression at the time, confessed within 24 hours and showed remorse.
He added that Ali and Holden were probably con artists who were only interested in cheating her out of her £800. They were originally charged with conspiracy to murder but the case was dropped.
The whole thing seemed doomed to failure from start to finish. She actually entrusted her friend to arrange the murder of her husband. Now I know you can share secrets with your best friend but I think that murder is stretching the relationship a little too far. Lol

Next, why did she want to have her husband killed when SHE WAS HAVING AN AFFAIR? Seems to me that she may have been at fault here and having her bread buttered on both sides. Or should I say muffin. 🙂 You would normally expect the injured party to take offence.

Then I have to ask myself why did she have to confess to her husband so that he would lend her the money? Surely she could have asked her boyfriend to help her out or even taken out a loan.

Something just doesn’t add up.

And finally what the hell is a “Skills for life course”, does it make you think twice before having someone knocked off?

What do you think?