Riding A Sex Doll

By | February 14, 2009

I just found out that every year they hold a Bubble Baba Challenge in St Petersburg, Russia. To the uninitiated this is a wet and wild ride on inflatable sex dolls. I know, I thought they were making this up too but it really does happen on the 30th of August each year. It took place on the Losevo Rapids on the Vuoksa River.

The event was founded by Dmitry Bulavinov and has been held every year since 2003. Last year saw 234 men and 24 women participate and time between heats was reduced by the new electronic timing system.

Bulavinov explained “Most heats are limited to the number of blow-up dolls we have available to rent. That’s handy if you don’t have your own. He went on to say “We bought them in bulk online so we only paid about half-price for them, but the course isn’t kind to them and they usually only last about two seasons. But the rental and entrance fees pretty much cover the costs.”

Can you imagine what the company he bought them from thought…”Can we order 200 love you long time dolls”. 🙂

Oh, Bab in Russian generally means “country woman”, other names used for the sex dolls include “swimming milkmaid”, “love topedo” and the “elastic lady”. I like the last one. Lol

So, if you find yourself in Russian next summer you too could take part.