Keeping Your Pussy Moist

By | February 15, 2009

As you are well aware Alex and I test drive sex toys and review them for you as our “evening job”. As a result of this we have accumulated a large collection of lubricants both supplied for use with the toys or for review.

Alex’s bedside draw is full of them, everything from tingling lube to extra thick for long lasting lubrication. I tend to use them more on Alex for his anal testing than for myself. But occasionally I will use a drop to aid the use of a vibe or other toy.

The other day I was testing a new vibrator and pulled the first bottle of water based lube I put my hand on out of Alex’s draw. I thought nothing of this until about 30 minutes later when my vaginal opening started to feel warm.

At fist I wondered if I had picked a warming lube. I checked. It wasn’t. Then I started to get a bit uncomfortable, a bit stingy. Having washed off earlier I knew there was nothing to wipe away.

The discomfort of feeling like my pussy had been eating a vindaloo became distracting. It then occurred to me that I had used a lube which had been open for who knows how long. I searched for a dispose by date but couldn’t’ find one.

I just checked now and there doesn’t seem to be any guidelines on how long you should keep lube once opened on any of the bottles. So beware and don’t keep them too long.

It took bathing in diluted Savlon for a couple of days to clear up my irritation.

One thing I did find out whilst searching the internet is that you should steer clear of lubes containing glycerine if you suffer from yeast infections. If anyone finds any good advice links let me know and I will post them up.

In the meantime go and check out your supplies and “If in doubt throw them out”. I just made up a handy jingle there. Lol

Late Edit: I now have a big bag full of lubes and some other interesting bottles from one of our toy review partners over on Sex Toys Buzz. It came in rather handy when I took delivery of and reviewed my lasest toy, the Fun Factory elLOVE.