We Went Swinging

By | February 16, 2009

Alex and I have never swung. The nearest I came to it was when I was with a previous boyfriend. To cut a long story short I ended up with the other couples wife whilst he lay on the bed watching. He wanted to join in but we were too much in to each other to allow him to interrupt the fun. 😉

That turned in to one of my most memorable girl on girl relationships. I have blogged about it before and will have to revisit it again for those who missed out.

Both of us are willing to explore together and that is what makes our partnership so good. We can express our desires without fear on being judged or hurting one another. A kind of symbiotic relationship, we only do what we are both comfortable with.

But exploring your own sexuality often leads to seeking out new and unusual experiences. We both live by the motto “You only live once”. Not that we do anything dangerous but life is too short not to try the things you want to.

To this end we saw an article advertising an open day at a swinging club and decided to go and check out what it is all about. At the very least we would have an experience and some copy to write up for you all to read.

A couple of weeks after reading the ad Alex reminded me it was the weekend of the “Open Day”. We rose from bed early on Saturday morning in order to get ready and be there on time.

I took a while deliberating over my attire and if I should dress a little sassy and show some cleavage to not look so green. Or if I should dress down so I didn’t stand out from the already initiated. Decisions, decisions…

Eventually I opted for the low cut top, which just showed enough boob but not too much to look obscene. I’m not one for wearing makeup in the day, a little foundation and mascara is all I usually bother with. Again I opted for the mid line, light foundation, mascara and a pale pink/brown lipstick to bring out my lips.

Once the finishing touches were made Alex went out to warm up the car. I had my last pee for 3 hours and off we went. It was a good trip down but busy when we hit the City. After a couple of wrong turns we finally made it to the venue.

They hadn’t kept the event quiet, they had a banner strung across the front of the building. It read “Open Day 21st February 2009”. I turned to Alex and for a moment was going to blow my top but we both burst in to laughter.

The journey wasn’t a total wipeout. I spotted and adult store over the road and ended up purchasing a lovely pair of red PVC gloves which I will be modelling on my next toy video.

So till next time. 😉